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On this page, you can, with the help of love numerology, find out if two persons are compatible or not. Enter the birth data for the two persons at the bottom of this page. Love numerology depends on birth data only, and therefore it is voluntary to enter names.
  About love numerology

umerology reveals a great deal about someone's personality and living situation. Given this fact, we should also be able to use numerology to find out if two persons are suited to each other. There are many theories in this area, and here we introduce one. In short, the idea is to calculate the character numbers for both persons and then to compare them according to a predetermined pattern. If, according to the result, the two numbers vibrate with each other, they match very well. If, however, the numbers are in opposition, the odds for the relationship are unfortunately not very great and a lot of work will be required to make it work.

Below you can test your numerological compatibility with your partner by entering your birth dates and press OK.

  Love numerology
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  Try with a celebrity

You can also try and see how well you match with a celebrity. Enter your own birth date for person 1 above and then choose the celebrity you want to try with in the lists below. Then press OK.

Missing the celebrity you want to try with in the lists? Contact us here and we will add him/her.

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